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Главная » Фотоальбом » Реклама » Система получения пресной питьевой воды из воздуха
Система получения пресной питьевой воды из воздуха до 2200 литров в сутки
An innovative unique technology that can provide high quality pure drinking water by extracting water from natural air. The methods employed to produce potable water by tapping into nature's hydrologic cycle are unique and are a result of 13 years of research and field testing, involving many United States and international patents. AirWater's atmospheric water generator can produce anywhere from 20 litres a day to unlimited quantities of pure drinking water.

The Unique AirWater System :

• Needs NO water source.
• Generates water from the air we breathe.
• Generates 20 litres to unlimited quantity in 24 hours.
• Is designed for maximum cost efficiency.
• Contains no harmful minerals or chemicals.
• Can be custom made to suit requirements.
• Is available in portable models.

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